NDIS Psychology

Psychology is a person-centred approach to behaviour that is focused on improving quality of life and reducing behaviours of concern.

Our psychologists will work closely with you and your family, carers and support networks to develop intervention plans and strategies that allow you to live your best life.

We can assist with preparing you for school, work or other social activities, assisting in developing communication and social skills and building your mental health, flexibility and resilience. Our psychologists can assist you with mental health treatments for matters such as anxiety and depression, as well as improving confidence, motivation and wellbeing. 

At Your Functional Therapy, we believe a multidisciplinary approach is important. Your psychologist will work closely with your other service providers, such as an Occupational Therapist, Speech Pathologist, Physiotherapist, for a holistic service focused on your personal needs and goals. A multidisciplinary team can be beneficial in reducing behaviours of concern and managing emotions, as well as improving relationships.

Our psychology services

With an NDIS plan that includes funding for therapeutic supports, our psychology clinicians can offer:

  • -Therapeutic support
  • -Behaviour support
  • -Early childhood interventions


We offer face-to-face NDIS psychology services throughout Greater Sydney, NSW, either from one of our clinics or through our mobile services where our clinicians come to you. We also offer services nationally via our Telehealth service.

How you benefit

Our psychology services offer a broad variety of benefits for NDIS participants, including an improved ability for you to relate to family and friends, connect with your local community and enrich your quality of life.

There is strong evidence for the benefits of psychology for a range of participants, including those living with physical, psychosocial, neurological, sensory, cognitive and intellectual disability.

Like other allied health disciplines, the role of a NDIS psychology clinician is to help you reach your goals. Our psychology clinicians will complete a specialised clinical assessment to identify the cognitive, behavioural and emotional conditions preventing you from working towards your goals, and then generate an individualised, evidence-based intervention plan to address these. An example of the intervention our psychology clinicians provide could include:


How It Works


Step One

Book a free chat online

Complete an obligation-free Registration Form and attach relevant reports and NDIS details.

Step Two


We will send you a service agreement and request intake information


Step Three

Initial consult

Clinician will conduct a verbal assessment to determine your needs and goals


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