Your Functional Therapy Counselling

What is NDIS counselling?

NDIS counselling is a therapeutic service delivered by accredited professionals. At Your Functional Therapy, our counsellors create a safe space for you to unpack and clarify the things you feel are holding you back or causing emotional distress. We offer focused time for you to explore options, develop strategies to overcome barriers and sort through conflict. We will assist you to process your experiences and create new perspectives.

Our NDIS Counselling

No judgement

We provide an environment which fosters reflection, acceptance and active listening

Safe space

During appointments you can know that you will receive services that are confidential, nurturing and validating

You take the lead

Client-centred care to ensure a plan which meets your needs and goals

Holistic care

We can work alongside your allied health team to provide holistic, client-centred care

How do I know if I need NDIS counselling?

Most people experience difficult and challenging times – life isn’t straightforward. Talking to your friends and family can be really helpful, but it’s not always possible. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, confused, or unfulfilled, then counselling can assist you make sense of these feelings and thoughts and get you back on track.

What can NDIS counselling achieve?


How It Works


Step One

Book a free chat online

Complete an obligation-free Registration Form and attach relevant reports and NDIS details.

Step Two


We will send you a service agreement and request intake information


Step Three

Initial consult

Clinician will conduct a verbal assessment to determine your needs and goals



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